Top 5 Family Friendly Manuel Antonio Hotels

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio offers one of the most exceptional tourism experiences. There are many funky hotels that are amusing especially if you are looking for a thrilling enjoyment of your kids. From having fun with monkeys and world life in the natural environment to affordable accommodation, from beaches of the Pacific Ocean to family friendly accommodation arrangements, your family will enjoy a breathtaking stay in any of the following top 5 family friendly Manuel Antonio hotels.

1- Los Altos Resort

The Preserve at Los Altos is one of the coolest family-friendly hotels in Costa Rica. If you want to enjoy a relaxed nature-exploration experience, look no further. The serene beach hotel is perched on a part of the mountain thereby giving you a lovely view of the tropical nature. Comfort, hospitality, food and accommodation are top notch giving you a feeling of home away from home. There are different accommodation arrangements depending on the package and the family size. The hotel strives to improve your sense of relaxation and warmth by giving your room a touch of private residence and state of the art amenities and facilities.

Los Altos Resort
Address: Kilometer 4 on main road to Manuel Antonio National Park, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Phone: (888) 803-1332

2- Hotel San Bada

The pearl hotel is very convenient if your family wants to enjoy fast access to Manuel Antonio public beach and Manuel Antonio National Park. The hotel is directly adjacent to the park and only a few minutes’ walk to the beach. The amenities are designed to offer convenient to huge and small families. They provide separate facilities for couples and families, both a family pool and a small pool for adults and children. Adults gain access to a magnificent adult-only rooftop bar that gives you a beautiful view as you enjoy a great time.

3- Costa Verde

This is a great amusement for kids and one of the coolest family-friendly hotel not only in Manuel Antonio, but the whole of Costa Rica. The accommodation is a converted airplane overlooking the rainforest. The location of the hotel is very convenient as it’s located off-road between Manuel Antonio and Quepos. The variety of amenities allow for satisfaction of both kids and adults. The monkeys visit the hotel all the time. There is a pool suitable for the whole family. The accommodation is differentiated to accommodate all budget ranges.

4- Blue Banyan Inn

I have to admit that this hotel is exceptionally magnificent and beautiful. It is an eco-hotel that is accessible in 20 minutes from Manuel Antonio. The hotel offers three luxury cabins for accommodation that allow you to enjoy peace and quiet. With proximity to a rainforest, kids will have an experience of their lifetime. There is an animal sanctuary on site, a family swimming pool, and you can enjoy the singing of parrot and their tricks.

5- Mono Azul

If you are looking for a great hotel for your family on a budget, then this is the place for you. The hotel is located off-road between Manuel Antonio and Quepos. The hotel has a great view of the jungle with blue monkeys visiting the site all the time. What’s more, there are three pools for kids. The hotel is convenient for all family sizes as there are different accommodation arrangements for families.

Experience the Vacation of Your Life in Costa Rica

Visit the happiest country in the world, and be the happiest person in it! Costa Rica offers so many great wonders, a place showered with nature’s astounding charm. Situated in between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the country is filled with majestic landscapes that are wrapped in different climates. It’s a place comprised of a number of places, making a single vacation seem like you’ve had many trips because each spot is home to a unique biodiversity of beautiful creations, striking attractions, captivating scenery, and rich culture.

Venture out in the wild and do something awesome! Challenge yourself, create special moments with your loved one, or share the laughter with the whole family. Business trips hold such a promising journey as it is coupled along with a grand vacation to spend. Engage in surfing, be brave and bold and face the canopy zip line, get on a rainforest hike tram or hike, have a river adventure and white water rafting, and marvel in the wildlife of the rich, flourishing jungles. There are boundless adventures in store for you, so don’t miss out on such a great opportunity. On the other hand, you may simply want to breathe and savor being at the right place, at the right time. Be in awe sightseeing and learning from history that’s preserved amidst visiting famous icons and witnessing tradition. Let the day pass by with quality time spent with loved ones, doing various activities and capturing picture-perfect moments to keep forever. View towering volcanoes, crystal clear waters and hot springs, and trace your footsteps along the coasts, from your preferred setting among hundreds of pristine beaches!

Whether you’re looking forward for ultimate relaxation, tranquility and contentment to soothe your mind, or daring to try new things and up for the challenge of extreme outdoor activities, Costa Rica is the place to be. Gray Line, the local expert, offers exciting events and many discoveries to unfold. Even just one day is full of promise with the valuable packages prepared for you, and you can opt for a couple of days to explore more, or the splendor of the entire place. Experience the highest quality of service with everything you need, and all you’ve ever wanted out of a perfect vacation granted to you, during your most comfortable and enjoyable stay in this amazing country. If you want more information on the best tours in Costa Rica feel free to visit, they offer a great variety of tours that will give you the time of your life!

Surfing Vacations in Costa Rica

What Makes Surfing Vacations in Costa Rica So Popular?

A fact that is undeniable is that surfing vacations in Costa Rica are becoming quite popular as the days progress. This is clear from the rising numbers of visitors to the region, increasing reviews on different sites and packages, and also surge in online searches and discussion. Surfing is fast becoming a preferred recreational activity especially for people on holiday. There are many surfing locations in the world. However, Costa Rica remains a top choice for many people because of the following factors:

Panoramic Surfing Locations

Costa Rica is world-famous for its beautiful beaches and shorelines. The region lies along the Pacific and the Caribbean which is home to some of the most awe-inspiring surf spots. This has led to the establishment of many surfing locations as well as schools in the region. Visitors are attracted to the region because of the picturesque scenery, pristine eco system, amazing surfing environment, and the tropical climate that is experienced almost all year around. The surfing locations appeal to beginners (first timers), fairly-skilled surfers, as well as highly-experienced surfers.

Fun and Friendly Atmosphere

When going for a surf vacation people have one thing in mind- to have the ultimate fun ever. The activity should be lively, entertaining, and also memorable. This is what makes surfing vacations in Costa Rica renowned world over. Firstly, it boasts of some of the most amazing surf spots. Secondly, it prides on having highly-trained and skilled surf teachers. Thirdly, the vacation is quite versatile and comprises of many other fun-things besides surfing. This ensures that at no point will a participant get bored due to monotony.

Range Of Surfing Packages

Costa Rica offers a wide range of packages to suit any kind of person whether inexperienced, intermediate, or advanced surfer. They are also tailor-made for a single person, a couple, family, as well as a large group and can be offered as daily or weekly packages. Alternatively, most surf companies are able to customize a package to cater for very specific needs. In addition to surfing, the package includes yoga, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, surf lessons, and more. Some service providers also allow surfers to use the gear at no extra cost.

The above are some of the key reasons that inspire people to go for a surfing holiday in Costa Rica. The region has diverse surf locations, offers a range of packages that are fun and user-friendly. Going for surfing vacations in Costa Rica is without-a-doubt one of the best ways to have ultimate fun and a memorable experience.

Tips for Selecting a Condo or Villa for Rent in Costa Rica

Want to know more about Costa Rica villa rentals? If so, read on. Costa Rica is one of the top tourist destinations all over the world. Therefore, villa rentals are the most well-liked options over hotels. Costa Rica villa rentals offer luxury, seclusion, relaxation as well as top-rated services. Villa rentals are good for families, couples, friends or groups traveling together for more than a few days. Indeed, they are the best option compared to everyday, run-of-the-mill hotels and resorts. Go to Costa Rica condo rentals – and learn more.

To help those organizing a visit to Costa Rica, here are some tips mean to give a different perspective when considering villa rentals:

1. Privacy

Privacy is always at the top of everyone`s list. Therefore, when arranging your vacation, you should ensure that your villa rentals property is next to pools and beaches but not so close that you will be disturbed by busy, noisy and crowded public places. This will provide an enjoyable relief from typical back-home busy areas and stress.

2. Service

A given chance to vacationing does not involve cooking, grocery shopping or cleaning. This is the time for playing, relaxing, enjoying sun-deck or taking in the beautiful sounds and sights. Consequently, when looking for a villa rental, consider the villas that include full-time/full service chef, housekeeper, and before-arrival grocery stocking and rest assured that you will not be stuck doing the chores that you usually do at home.

3. No Agenda

Consider villa rental resorts that do not have set hours for transportation or any other activity so that you can enjoy your trip at a personal pace.


Costa Rica villa rentals enable you to see new & exciting things, places and people. Investigate the villas that provide magnificent volcano and ocean views, safely surrounded by different wildlife.

5. Personalization

Everyone gets the same services at gas stations, restaurants and hotels. However, when you are on a vacation, you should enjoy a special treatment. Therefore, you should consider rental villas that attend to every visitor`s specific preference and offer a complete pampering. Attention is significant from beverages and diet, to sightseeing and adventure.

6. Green

When searching for villa rentals in Costa Rica, consider villa rentals that protect your and their environment

7. Cleanliness

Plan ahead and search for villas with high ratings online for cleanliness and tidiness. Staying in a well-maintained and clean villa in Costa Rica will boost you vacationing experience significantly.

8. Friendliness

Costa Rica villa rental testimonies on various websites are important for information about villa rentals. They include reviews of resort staff. Use these reviews to choose villa rentals with outstanding guest relations & friendliness included in their reviews.

Vacationing in well-maintained villas in Costa Rica is an unforgettable experience for families, friends, or couples traveling together. 


Check Out The Best Hotels in Costa Rica


Are you planning to visit the capital of Costa Rica anytime soon and so you are wondering where to find cheap accommodation? Well, if so, then you have come to the right place. This article compiles for you three of the best hotels in San Jose, Costa Rica that offer competitive prices and incredible discounts for their world-class services.

1) Best Western Irazu Hotel and Casino

Located strategically between downtown San Jose and the San Jose International Airport, this is one of the best accommodation places in the capital of Costa Rica you need to check out or consider. It offers a world-class service with amenities at a range of price you will never believe. What’s more, you get 25% off when you stay 2 or more nights! With its large outdoor swimming pool, garden areas, 24 hour restaurant and casino, La Cantina Bar and much more, you will never wish your business trip or vacation ends soon. And you will be within easy access to shopping malls, restaurants and bars movies and other amenities, yet away from the noise of the city. During your stay, you can enjoy warm Jacuzzi, massage services, tropical cocktails from the lounge bar, playing tennis or doing workouts at the gym. If you check out, this is the first Costa Rica hotel that you will definitely come across.

2) Holiday Inn Express and Suites-San Jose International Airport

Every traveler who has spent a night or many at Holiday Inn Express and Suites will agree this fantastic accommodation place in the capital of Costa Rica has the best service among the hotels near San Jose International Airport. Apart from free wi-fi, every guest is rented a mobile phone so they can stay in touch with free local calling privileges. The hotel rooms are neat and quite comfortable despite the incredible deals offered. When it comes to food, nothing around can beat Holiday Inn Express and Suites. Whether you want to indulge in a delicious local traditional cuisine or something foreign prepared by world-class chefs, everything is just a phone call away.

3) Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton San Jose Airport

This leading hotel located just next to the San Jose International Airport offers not only pocket friendly prices but also free breakfast and free internet access! Once you check in, you will find a variety of great amenities waiting for you in your comfortable room. With this, you have no reason to bother your relatives or friends living in the capital with your accommodation needs.


Looking For the Ultimate Honeymoon Experience? Read More

After their lovely and memorable experience, their wedding, the newlywed couple looks forward to their honeymoon. This presents the perfect opportunity for them to begin their new life as a unit. It also gives them a chance to get to know each other better, romantically. Truth be told, there is no better feeling than being away from the crowd and just being pampered in an exotic location. As a matter of fact, many individuals give priority to honeymoon destination.

If you have just tied the knot or know someone who has, then you or your friend are most-likely are looking for the perfect honeymoon destination. One region that will certainly make your experience exciting and memorable is Tamarindo, Costa Rica. This region prides on having some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring sights and location in the world. You will appreciate the tropical climate that is quite friendly. Just imagine the warm sun shining on your back, the gentle ocean waves splashing at your feet, or the cool sea breeze!

The first sight that meets your eye when you arrive at Tamarindo, Costa Rica is its amazing coast line. You and your soul mate can spend time taking strolls on the golden white sandy beaches, or swimming or diving in the pristine coastal waters. After sometime out in the ocean or walking along the beach you can simply relax under the cozy palm tree shade. Nothing is more exciting as enjoying a cool drink or cocktail under the shade while enjoying the panoramic views.

If basking in the glorious sun while listening to birds chirping away is your thing, then Tamarindo is certainly the perfect choice. You and your soul mate can enjoy a relaxing massage from the highly-experienced therapists and masseurs. Indulge in fine dining and wining in the exquisite first-class hotels, or enjoy a sumptuous meal along the beach, or toast to your new life together under the bright starry skies. You may also take romance a notch higher by sampling the best meals Costa Rica has to offer under candle light.

Honeymoon is all about being pampered. Maybe it’s lazing around the pool, basking in the sun, enjoying first-class meals, drowning the finest wine, enjoying the best room service in your private quarters, and much more. This is the perfect recipe for starting your life on a high note. Well, don’t just dream it, experience it as well!

3 Costa Rica Luxury Resorts Worth Considering

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Costa Rica is the home of several, beautiful and amazing luxury resorts. They attract thousands of visitors every year due to their fantastic architecture, scenery and service. Let’s take a deeper look at the best Costa Rica luxury resorts.

Hotel Arenas del Mar

Finding an up-scale hotel in Manuel Antonio is very easy, which is why Costa Rica receives so many tourists. But in Manuel Antonio the jewel has to be Hotel Arenas del Mar. The balconies alone are majestic to say the least and a short walk will take you to the Manuel Antonio National Park.

This eleven acre, five star, carbon neutral hotel is known for its optimal position near the beach. It also provides some of the most life-changing rain forest hikes any tourist can ask for. For those looking to mix relaxation with adventure, this is the luxury resort for you. It’s perfect for families that need to get away and find themselves again somewhere exotic.

Azul Ocean Club

This luxury resort is the pinnacle of seclusion and privacy as it hides between the tropical gardens of Playa Azul. The view from the expansive balconies of the stylish villas consists of pure white sand, blue water and breathtaking nature.

Apart from boasting with some of the most stylish villa designs in the world, there are many great activities for relaxation and excitement. Scuba diving, absolutely gorgeous waterfalls and a relaxing Jacuzzi are just a few of many pleasurable activities. It’s the perfect spot for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon.

Rancho Pacifico

Within the 250 acres of rainforest you will find the highly exclusive Rancho Pacifico, situated in Uvita De Osa. It’s a luxury resort that only accommodates 20 guests at a time, placing a lot of emphasis on the exclusivity aspect.

Its unique features consist of award winning architecture, specialized spa treatments and telescopes inside the clubhouse specifically for whale watching. Needless to say this is just a fraction of the great things to discover. With sweeping ocean views, private trails and boat excursions to remote sections of the Osa Peninsula, there is no question why people go there to get a much needed recharge.

Keep in mind that this resort is only for adults, which says a lot about the romantic atmosphere.


Now that you know more about the best Costa Rica luxury resorts, don’t hesitate any longer. Book your hotel right now and experience the beauty Costa Rica has to offer.

Why Share my Favorite Accommodations in Costa Rica?

Hi, my name is Francisco, I’m a frequent traveler that currently live in the US, I have visited many countries around the world and one of my favorite places to visit is Costa Rica.  I’ve been in Costa Rica many times and have had good and bad experiences at the hotels I’ve stayed… so I decided to share with you my favorite hotels where I stay when visiting this beautiful country.

Enjoy and have a nice Costa Rica vacation!